Hope for Change International

Food Distribution

Food Staples

In 52 of the world’s poorest countries (of which 37 are in Africa) diminished food supply, combined with record high prices for staple foods, has left millions struggling to feed themselves and their families. The inability to grow or purchase food causes malnutrition and poor health, which in turn leads to the inability to earn income and to deeper poverty. Hope For Change, is working to eradicate chronic persistent hunger by providing bulk shipments of food staples such as rice and seed.

Irrigation & Agriculture Methods

Leaders of developing nations have long recognized that increased economic growth, driven by agriculture, is essential to breaking the cycle of poverty and malnutrition. Hope For Change is committed to help. By providing indigenous farmers with the resources to increase agricultural productivity through improved production techniques, we are helping farmers to grow more food and ensure that it is delivered to market, fresh. Our agricultural initiatives translate into increased nutrition, higher farm incomes and long-term sustainability.