Hope for Change International

Student Sponsorship

Projects to cover the needs of students living in extreme poverty from elementary through college for the entire school year.


Medical Outreach

Projects focused on HIV & AIDS prevention, tuberculosis treatment, medical assistance and the construction of medical facilities.


Well Drilling

Projects to bring forth engineering solutions for water supply.

Student Spotlight

Sponsor a Student

Marjorie Gonza
2nd Year College
Marjorie is a a hardworking student who enjoys music. Her relationship with her family is good and despite of her busy schedule in school, she makes sure to spend quality time with them. She is diligent in attending college ministry activities and sees herself as a teacher someday. She plans to help her family when she graduates. She’s very thankful to be part of the sponsorship program and hopes that more children like her will be able attend school and achieve their goals through education.
Mariel P. Rodriguez
Grade 8
Mariel is a hardworking student, obedient and very helpful to her parents. At home, she helps her parents washing dishes and cleaning the house. Her top priorities in life are her relationship with God, her studies and her family.
Trisha Ann Aguro
Elementary Grade 5
Trisha is industrious, helpful and a God-fearing person. At home, she helps her parents clean the house and take care of her siblings. She has 3 siblings and is the eldest child. Her favorite subject is English. She is eager to learn more English so she can use it to communicate with different people - especially her sponsor.