Hope for Change International


Since 1990, Hope For Change has sponsored several medical programs in East Africa and the Philippines.  Our mission is to help ensure that advances in health care are shared with those who need them most in developing nations.


In 2007, an estimated 33.2 million people worldwide were living with HIV/AIDS- including 22.5 million in sub-Sahara Africa and another 4 million in Southeast Asia. Every year, an estimated 2.3 million people are newly infected with HIV; that translates to more than 6,000 new infections every day. Preventing new infections represents the only long-term, sustainable means to stem them global HIV/AIDS pandemic. Hope For Change sponsors numerous HIV/AIDS awareness, prevention and treatment programs. Please contact us to learn more about our HIV/AIDS initiatives and what you can do to help.

New Hope Int’l Hospital

New Hope International Hospital is to be a 250 bed facility in northern Tanzania, near Mt. Kilimanjaro. In a grossly underserved area with over three million people, New Hope International Hospital will offer medical help to everyone, regardless of their ability to pay or any other predetermining factor. New Hope International Hospital will be a modern, Western-style medical facility consisting of an intensive care unit, surgery rooms, maternity and burn wards, x-ray rooms and diagnostic equipment such as MRI’s. The hospital will also be equipped with a helipad and an airstrip. New Hope International will serve as the primary care facility for adventures who fall ill while climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Tuberculosis Treatment

In developing nations Tuberculosis (TB) is a serious public health problem. It is of particular concern among HIV-infected or other immunocompromised individuals. An estimated one-third of people with TB in Africa are also infected with HIV. TB is the leading cause of death of people with HIV/AIDS. While Tuberculosis can be cured, detection, prevention and treatment present significant challenges. Hope For Change is fighting to help overcome these challenges and diminish the number of new cases. Along with our partners, Hope For Change, operates the most accessible Tuberculosis clinic in the Philippines.

Nagaland Medical Clinic

The children’s residential school located in Mokokchung provides room & board to 210 children. Because of close living quarters, bacterial and viral infections, including outbreaks of malaria, spread quickly throughout the youthful population. Many of the children have not been vaccinated. To this date there has been no loss of life. Presently, medical providers visit and treat the children when serious episodes occur.

Hope for Change directors have determined that an on-site medical clinic is needed. Suitable structure design includes:

  1. Male room with toilets (15 ft. x 15 ft.);
  2. Female room with toilets (15 ft. x 15 ft.);
  3. Dispensary & reception area (15 ft. x10 ft.).

The total square footage of the clinic would be 600 square feet; construction costs are Rs. 5,00,000.00 (Rupees Five Lakh). Estimates for medicine and supplies are Rs. 20,000.00 (yearly). Expenditures for furniture and fixture assets such as beds, tables, portable closets (hangers), etc… is Rs. 50,000.00. Remuneration for a full-time nurse is projected to run Rs. 60,000.00 (Rs. 5000.00 x 12 months). Total start-up costs are Rs. 6,30,000.00 (Rupees Six Lakh & Thirty Thousand Only).

Price tag: USD $ 13, 104.00 (approximate based on current exchange rate)