Hope for Change International

James R. Smith


James Smith shapes foundation strategies, advocates for the foundation’s issues, and helps set the overall direction of the organization.

For over twenty years James has worked on humanitarian projects primarily in East Africa. Experience has been a great teacher in helping him/us expand the programs that we can directly implement in these developing nations. Through strong relationships working together with local leaders he has been able to be a part of networks that have addressed many of the basic needs of the people in these countries.

  • Water, well-drilling in strategic drought areas
  • Food shipments, and agricultural and irrigational planning
  • Housing
  • Medical needs, clinics, and the present building of a modern, clean hospital in Tanzania
  • Educational opportunities, elementary school for the young, and trade schools for young adults.
  • Orphanages, homes for the many children who have been left homeless due to HIV and many other diseases that have ravaged their countries.