Hope for Change International

Moa and Sentila Jamir


Program Liaisons, Indo-Asia

Moa and Sentila Jamir greatly assist the foundation’s efforts to help build strategic relationships that are crucial to the foundation’s work.

The Jamir family resides in Mokokchung, Nagaland on the compound where both the four-year college and children’s residential school are located. Student enrollment at the college is presently eighty-five and four hundred thirty children attend the primary and secondary institutions. Of that number two hundred ten children are housed in the hostel; some of the resident children have lost both parents and all come from families that could not otherwise afford quality education.

Moa, an engineer, uses his expertise in road and building construction and water collection development. Sentila, as the administrator, oversees curriculum, admissions, and health & dietary concerns for the campus’ populace. Youth from various states of India, Sri Lanka, Burma (Myanmar), Bhutan, and Nepal benefit from Moa and Sentila’s dedicated service and sacrifice.