Hope for Change International


Saying “Goodbye”
Feb 22, 2009
By: pgrimsland

Hi Everyone,

I’m writing my last blog from the Philippines about 12 hours before the flight home. It’s been so great to be back here again spending time with old and new friends. Many of the people here have become like family and it’s hard to say goodbye to them.  There is always a mixed bag of emotions from joy to sorrow and always the processing of seeing so much poverty and despair in one place. I have learned that if you look at the whole picture of need you will quickly become overwhelmed, but when you realize that you can make the difference in the lives of a few, and see the ripple effect of change that takes place as you extend yourself to those few, there really is “Hope For Change”!

I hope to return soon and maybe some of you will come with me…….

See you in New York!