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Memorial to Helen Issangya
Mar 25, 2010
By: jsmith

Mama Helen with one of  her daughters Rogathe and one of her grandchildren, Shirley. The first time I went to Africa was in 1993; that seems like two lifetimes ago.  Since 1993 I have been back to Africa well over twenty times (thank you MSCF!).  Most of these times I have stayed in the home of […]

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“Greatness in Obscurity”
Jun 26, 2009
By: ssmith

This is a phrase that’s been part of my conversations for a number of years. I’ve been blessed to have known a number of “great” people classed so according to my defintion of greatness; one singular individual from my personal coterie has been classified as “great and influential” by secular pollsters but the others have […]

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