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Student Sponsorship

A few of the faces in the community....
Mar 26, 2016
By: pgrimsland

Today is my last day in Manila after being here for 6 weeks.  As I think about the time here there is so much to be grateful for. I’m so grateful for the success of our college graduates this year.  They will be MOVING FORWARD in new directions making a difference in the lives of […]

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It’s Complicated
Mar 19, 2015
By: pgrimsland

We’ve all seen that “status” about a relationship being complicated.  I thought of that as a good description for some of the situations we encounter here in this community we’re working in. This past week had it’s share of complicated situations.  For lack of time I’ll tell you about one…..Princess.  At an early age her […]

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The Simple Things
Mar 6, 2015
By: pgrimsland

Sometimes it’s the simple things that have the biggest impact.  In the picture above is Dulce, one of the local staff here working everyday in the “Smokey Mountain” community in Tondo, Manila.  Today she led a team up the steep mountain that was the former garbage dump where there are people living, although they are […]

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Give Her A Chance
Apr 11, 2013
By: pgrimsland

This week, many hours have been spent interviewing potential elementary and high school students for the sponsorship program.  The  room has been filled with parents, students and brothers and sisters.  With so many in need here it’s hard to decide who should qualify.  During the interviews I observed a 12 year old who will be […]

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