Hope for Change International


The Simple Things
Mar 6, 2015
By: pgrimsland


Sometimes it’s the simple things that have the biggest impact.  In the picture above is Dulce, one of the local staff here working everyday in the “Smokey Mountain” community in Tondo, Manila.  Today she led a team up the steep mountain that was the former garbage dump where there are people living, although they are not supposed to be there.  There is no water available for them so they brought water and food to wash and feed the children.  It doesn’t get more basic than that….washed and fed, but I can tell you the impact of that act of love will last an eternity.


This week I have also had the joy of having one of my childhood friends Keith join me here.  Keith has been sponsoring one of our college students, Marjorie.  He is heading back to New York tomorrow so we decided to take Marjorie out.  We ate a nice dinner and then went shopping….something she rarely has the chance to do.  She picked out some items for herself and her family, then we went to the grocery store and she loaded the cart.  Something we do multiple times in a week and take for granted was….according to Marjorie….”a dream”.

I am constantly amazed at the people I have the honor to know and work with here.  They teach me something everyday.

Simple things can have the biggest impact.

Thank you again for taking the time to read this……

Paul Grimsland