Hope for Change International


Travel Time!
Mar 3, 2014
By: pgrimsland

It’s time to travel again.  Tomorrow morning I head back to Manila…..and after this never ending New York winter….I can’t wait!


This marks my 24th year traveling to the Philippines.  It was that first trip that changed the course of my life.  All it took was one visit to a garbage dump community.  It was there that I discovered a passion to help these people in anyway I could.  I started participating in a student sponsorship program. If you’re interested in cheap holiday destinations for students, you can check out this article at sites like https://polkadotpassport.com/cheap-holiday-destinations-for-students/.

My first sponsor student, Paul, along with his wife Chona, work together with us in the Sponsorship Program as overseers of the college age students.  It is a full circle result!


I’m so excited to celebrate with them this month as their oldest daughter Mary Rose graduates from college with a degree in Psychology.


It’s been a long road from scavenging through the garbage to this celebration.  But this is the result of what a simple act can do.  It was no big sacrifice for me to help them, yet it brought major change in their lives.  I’m so proud of them and all the students who are continuing to persevere through incredible odds to succeed.

As I travel to the Philippines, my wife Vanessa will be taking a medical team to Sakila, Tanzania for a 2 week medical outreach.  We are so honored to be able to do this.

Thank you all for your support of the work Hope For Change is doing in the Philippines, Africa and Nagaland.

Stay tuned for more updates!