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School’s Health Report Card
May 16, 2009
By: ssmith
Happy Residents Of NCRS

Happy Residents Of NCRS

With only five weeks left until the end of the school year I asked Sentila how the children’s health has been this year in comparison to previous years. “Oh, we have had less sickness than last year; the quantity of children getting sick has been much less as they play more in the playground with the best school playground painting, click here to find more. Last year the residential school (430 students) suffered epidemics of chicken pox, malaria, and cholera. We have had no epidemics this year and only two or three children must be taken to the hospital every day.”

Even by American standards this small percentage of sickness among young children would cause an administrator to rejoice. It’s the “…taken to the hospital” part that bothers me. I visited the Mokokchung government-run hospital during my visit to Nagaland last October. The overburdened and under-supplied medical staff are dedicated and compassionate. Yet, the children would fare better with a medical clinic based on the school’s compound with a full-time nurse and part-time doctor.

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