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You go..”Because it matters”
May 18, 2009
By: jsmith

001Every time I get home from one of my trips to Africa (or Asia)  I unpack my suitcase, but I never put my knapsack (carryon) out of my sight.  After having done this enough times I realized that there must be some subconscious connection between me actually seeing that knapsack and knowing somewhere down the line my next trip is waiting on the horizon.  People who have traveled and lived out of their suitcase, knapsack etc… I’m sure can relate to all of this.

So why go at all?  Long flights, airport delays, lost luggage, visa hassles…..I could on.  You go because it matters.  There are living, breathing human beings where you are going and after you touch lives with these people everyone is the richer for the experience.  Yes there are projects (medical, schools, water projects, orphanages, trade schools, agricultural etc..) But it’s about people.  It’s about, “do unto others.”  If we are going with the right motives it is because we are going “Because it matters.”

James R. Smith


Jay Cookingham

Date: 18 May, 2009

James, I'm glad your knapsack serves as a reminder for you, as your trips serve as a reminder for me. There is a hurting world that needs to know the love of the Lord and we are the "knapsacks" He chooses to use to deliver that message. Be Blessed Bro' Jay