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Globes are Great!
May 21, 2009
By: jsmith

0021Globes are great.  If you can..go out and get a globe.  It doesn’t have to be a big one.  Even if you get a beach ball with the countries of the world on it get yourself a globe.  Why?  Well, you will be amazed at how your geography skills will increase (Africa is a continent, not a country…..sheesh)  However, more important than improving your geography skills will be realizing that a globe can serve as a reminder that there are over six billion people  living on this planet of ours.  Each one of those six billion people are (believe it or not) just as important as you or me.

 “Where is your brother, Abel?””I don’t know,” he replied. “Am I my brother’s keeper?”   Uh, yes, you, in fact, we are our brother’s (and sister’s) keeper.  Well you say, “who then is my brother and sister?”  Look at the globe, look in the supermarket, look on the streets, let’s just at least open our eyes and “look”.  When I look at a globe I obviously see countries, but more than that I see people.  Do you see them? 

P.S. Today’s homework, really quick……find my birthplace, Toledo, Ohio  :-)

James R. Smith