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Tribute to Charles Mhina
May 25, 2009
By: jsmith

Charles MhinaI finally found a picture of Charles, and it is with his wife Martha.

Charles Mhina died about 2 1/2 years ago of cerebral malaria.  I have always wanted to do something to let it be known that he was one of the most joyful, helpful, deeply spiritual, great human beings that I have ever had the privilege of knowing.  Probably no one else will ever write about this man, so may this blog be a simple tribute to a great man who will receive his reward in eternity. 

This picture is of his phenominally strong wife Martha, the mother of four, who is carrying on with the great smile that is symbolic of the joy that she carries everyday as she goes about her life.  She is  a teacher and helper in one of the schools we support at www.H4Cinternational.org

Charles Mhina deserves a far greater tribute than I can give him.  His life of sacrfice (with joy) will be remembered by all who were graced to have been touched by  being around him.  Martha, his wife, daily serves the children of her village, just as Charles served all who passed his way.  “The really great people of this earth are hardly ever recognized.”

James R. Smith


sandy and benjamin gm

Date: 25 May, 2009

We really love hearing stories about the people you have met through your work in Africa. It is clear you have inspired one another and that these relationships are rich in shared commitment and joy. Please share more with us and also tell us how we might help through volunteering and other means. We would like to help spread the word.

Shirley Bedsole

Date: 25 May, 2009

We remember Charles Mhina well. What a brother, what a friend. When I think of him, the word "faithful" comes to mind. The servant of all is what he was. My one joy is knowing we will see him again. Martha is amazing and greatly admired by us. Her strength is an encouragement, her life is a testimony of God's grace and love.