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Turning 50
Jun 13, 2009
By: pgrimsland

daddy-paul1Well, today I turn 50 years old. It’s hard to get around the mindset of actually being 50. When you’re younger and looking forward, 50 seems so old. As I look back I remember the good and the bad, the time well spent and the time wasted. Now with more than half of my life over (unless I live to be over 100!) I look forward and am determined to make the most of the time remaining. For me, apart from my wonderful family, what brings me the most fullfilment is spending time with those the world considers to be the “less fortunate”. For almost 20 years I have been traveling to the Philippines and building relationships with the people of “Smokey Mountain” garbage dump community. As far as I’m concerned they have helped me more than I could ever have helped them. They have taught me the meaning of contentment, the difference between compassion and pity, and how to give out of need.
In an interview not too long ago, Bono told of how he answered someone who asked him, “how can I find God?”, he answered, “spend time with the poor, because that’s where God is.”
My hope is to continue my travels in service to others for as long as this life allows.
Here’s to 50 and another 50!!


Sarah Anne Smith

Date: 13 Jun, 2009

Allow me to add my "Happy Birthday, Paul" and good wishes for health and true prosperity! Thanks for sharing your heart through this blog entry and your life with us (here in NY) and the poor in the Philippines. You inspire HOPE FOR CHANGE! I lift my tea cup of Green Chai to your future and the next 50 years! The best is yet to come. (;>) Shalom! Sarah

Jay Cookingham

Date: 13 Jun, 2009

Paulness, At least 30 odd years of those 50 have been spent as my friend and I am richer for it. May God bless you and Vanessa and all the efforts towards God's people. Love ya bro' Jay