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Update from the Village
Jun 27, 2009
By: jsmith

Does this make me the Village Voice?  

Sitting in Sakila in the late afternoon with Kilimanjaro behind me and the villagers gathered for the afternoon “kahawa” (coffee) time in front of me. I can hear them laughing and joking, talking about the news of the day and getting ready to then go home to dinner.  A great time of day here in Sakila.

Kind of a surreal setting.  I found a wireless spot about twenty yards away from where they are having coffee.  This has been a long week, much was accomplished in many areas.  People were here from Tanzania, Kenya, Congo, Rwanda, and the USA (Godwin, Eliudi’s son and me).  Such vision for what needs to be done among them for their countries, and such courage and lack of fear to continue on with what they are doing (which to most seems impossible).

They are waving at me to say HELLO to you, so…HELLO from your brothers and sisters in Sakila, Tanzania!

On Monday Eliudi and I will leave for South Africa via Nairobi, Kenya, then Johannesburg, and then on to Cape Town.  I’m not sure what all is awaiting us,  but it is not time to stop now…MBELE!  Thanks for your comments and encourgement!

James R. Smith


sandy and benjamin gm

Date: 27 Jun, 2009

Ben and I are waving back at our new friends in the village. Tell them we are sending our love all the way from the beautiful state of Maine. Bravo James and Bravo Hope 4 Change. Sandy G


Date: 27 Jun, 2009

I realize coffee time is over and you have now relocated to S. Africa. Praying you have a safe and special time with Eliudi. Hoping to talk with you when you get home.....be ready to share the vision. We have really been praying for the bean/corn situation. Friends in N.Kenya have written us...the water (lack of) is very serious there...some are dying. We have been praying for rain...the physical stuff. May God's mercy pour out on all of the nations during this time. Be safe. Love you Bro.