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Back in Sakila, Tanzania again…..
Jul 7, 2009
By: jsmith

047First of all…….To those of you who know Eliudi’s wife, Mama Helen, please pray.  She is very ill and in the hospital. (We NEED to get the new hospital built!)

A huge thanks to all the great people that I met in South Africa.  I am tempted to start naming all of them ( and I might in a later post.)  South Africa was the place for me to be at exactly the  time that I was there.  Thank you to the Mercy Alliance Summit people, all of you.  It was refreshing to meet so many people who are dedicated to carrying out the visons that are in their hearts.  South Africa is extemely beautiful!  I believe it will be place that I, and H4C, will return to and continue to take our part in some way with what is going on there with the Mercy Alliance people.  I will tell more stories at a later date.  Hmmmm, as usual, I am on a computer that is running out of power and I have no place to plug it in.  It’s early in the morning so I don’t want to wake anyone in the main house  just so I can plug in my computer.

Back in Sakila.  Busy here.  Godwin is registering new students for the elementary school.  It is an extremely busy day for him and for Rogathe (his sister and Eliudi’s daughter).  Also, registration day has it’s difficult aspect because some students had to be turned away.  There is not enough room.  Also there is a need for sponsors for these students.  People were lined up long before sunrise to come to the village hoping their child could enroll in the school.  Seems like I am always saying this, but I will provide pictures when I get my computer to a higher speed connection. 

Thanks to all of you who have taken H4C into your heart and lives.  We hope to bring the power of  HOPE and CHANGE to many people who otherwise would have no one to speak up or to care for them.  All of you have been so supportive and encouraging.  MBELE = (moving forward!)

James R. Smith


Judy Fischetti

Date: 7 Jul, 2009

Hello Pastor James, Thank you for posting this message and letting us know that you are safely back in Tanzania. I will read it to the group gathering for our vacation meeting in the MSCF prayer room today. We will continue praying for you,and pray for Mama Helen and the children & parents registering for school. Please tell us Africa stories when you return! Grace and peace to you. Judy

Sarah A. Smith

Date: 7 Jul, 2009

will be remembering Helen; look forward to seeing those pictures... and more stories from SA