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“Why I Go to India?”
Sep 28, 2009
By: ssmith


I cannot answer that question in one blog posting but I will tell you that my heart has been enlarged to embrace the women of India. Look at the faces of these women. I met them in October, 2008 and listened (through an interpreter) to some of their personal accounts of both dealing with hardship and also celebrating what is good in life. All cultural limitations vaporized as we did what women do – we laughed together and cried together and experienced a meshing of our hearts. I can tell you that time did not allow me to experience enough.

In seventy-two hours I am planning to leave our home here in upstate New York, USA and begin my journey to visit them in their homes and villages and cities. HOPE FOR CHANGE is doing just that…bringing HOPE for CHANGE through food distribution programs, homes for bereft orphans and “street” children, and educational opportunities.

Follow my blog as I attempt to bring India to you.


Sarah A. Smith


Sandy Lewis Nickerson

Date: 28 Sep, 2009

Sarah, A very lovely photo of you and your Indian friends, thank you for sharing! I wish you Godspeed on your journey & will be following your blogs. Here's a prayer to help you on your way! I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you... 3 John 1:2 Best Regards, Sandy Lewis Nickerson

Sarah Anne Smith

Date: 28 Sep, 2009

Good health and smooth sailing will be HUGE considerations on this journey! Thanks for everything, Sandy! Warm regards, Sarah