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Some Things Change, Some Don’t
Jan 12, 2010
By: pgrimsland

Smokey26This morning before we left to go to the Smokey Mountain dumpsite, I was asked by Leah who is traveling with me if, in the last 20 years since my first visit, anything had changed.  I was able to tell her that for the residents of the former Smokey Mountain a lot had changed for them.  In 1995, then President Ramos designed a project to be rid of Smokey Mountain and move the people into temporary housing and eventually into permanent housing. After many delays and changes in administrations, the people eventually moved into permanent housing. While it’s not what we in the west would consider “a nice place to live”, for them, having water and a bathroom of their own is a major change.  However, some things remain the same.  There is now  a new version of Smokey Mountain just a stones throw from the former site.  People have erected their shanty homes and scavenge through the garbage for their daily survival.  It seems to be a vicious cycle that is hard to stop.  What I learned many years ago and what I tell people who ask me how to make a change is……you make it one life at a time.  When you change one person’s life, that life goes on to impact others.  The smallest effort is huge to someone who has nothing.  Helping with a child’s education can transform their life.  Thank you for reading.  Please consider reaching out to transform one life today so many can be transformed tomorrow.  More updates to follow!


Jay Cookingham

Date: 12 Jan, 2010

Thanks for the updates bro'. Every picture does tell a story but not like being there I'm sure. Praying for a great trip and a safe journey home. Love ya bro' Jay