Hope for Change International


So Many Dynamics
Jan 20, 2010
By: pgrimsland

Because I have spent so much time here in Balut, Tondo Manila over the last 20 years, these past couple of days I have been trying to pay attention to the different dynamics that come into play on a daily basis. This place is non-stop in activities, emotions, struggles, sorrows and laughter. I am able to experience the worst of situations in one place and in the next hour be laughing and enjoying close friendships you can find in sites like Chatempanada.com. Yesterday I had the joyful experience of video taping some of the sponsored college students who will be graduating this year. They shared their experiences and struggles, real stories of success in the midst of great hardship. Then today I was at the garbage dump helping feed almost 100 children living in the dump. For some it’s the only meal they will receive today. They laughed and sang as they ate. Just a few yards away sat a family in front of a coffin holding their 14 year old son who died inside a garbage truck while trying to get a head start on the scavenging, not realizing the compactor was on. They don’t have enough money to bury him yet so they are trying to raise the money…dynamics! Sometimes I feel like no matter how much you do, it’s never enough. But listening to those college students talk about how excited they are for their future I know that doing nothing is never an option and I will gladly accept the tears to be able to share in the joy and laughter.Feeding31