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H4C E-Newsletter
Dec 2, 2010
By: ssmith


December has begun and this is a good time to send all of you ~ our families, Facebook and Twitter friends, loyal Hope for Change International underwriters, and MBELE! blog readers ~ our hearty thanks and our year-in-review. Also, this is a good time to invite you to help us complete some pressing projects before year’s end. More about that later…

We are happy to report that for another year absolutely no $$$ of precious H4C contribution money was spent on administrative or travel expenses. Additionally, our organization continues to boast 100% transparency and definitive proof that our revenues go where they are supposed to and when they are supposed to.  This we accomplish through our annual “Project Evaluation Trips” to East Africa, The Phillipines, and Nagaland, India. We personally visit all H4C projects and endeavors ~ both completed, ongoing, and under construction ~ and we most often shoot video and take plenty of snaps.

In detail…James spent five weeks in Tanzania during June – July, Paul was in The Philippines during January – February, and Sarah returned from Nagaland and greater India two weeks ago, November 17th.

Both James & Paul have trips planned for January, 2011. And Paul’s wife, Vanessa, departs on January 4th for a ten day medical trip to Arusha,  Tanzania. Vanessa states it this way, “I will spend several days in January working with HIV positive children, many of whom have already lost parents and loved ones to HIV/AIDS.  I will also spend several days teaching basic health education to school age children and a separate program which will be specific to women.”

Now here is the part I said I’d get back to…helping us with three urgent situations:

1) Water & medical needs in East Africa

2) Shortfall of student sponsorship for children already in the Balut Program

3) Roof Water Reservoir Tank in Mokokchung, Nagaland, India  ~ read more about this ~ click on  http://mbele.org/?p=618

Our H4C friends and the people they serve are in desperate straits! Their use of funding for these urgent needs will be IMMEDIATE! Each locality has project platforms in place and ready to mobilize.

Would you consider during this holiday season and as 2010 comes to a close sending our H4C partners the funding that is lacking to complete these initiatives?

Our primary web site  www.H4Cinternational.org  is set up to receive on-line contributions through PayPal. Our USA post office address  is set up to receive your holiday or year-end donations.

Send to:  Hope For Change International, P.O. Box 692, Lake Katrine, NY 12449 and please designate specific projects in the memo section of your check.

Thank you for your compassionate support of Hope For Change International.

Once again that web site address is:  www.H4Cinternational.org

Our best wishes for the Holiday Season and New Year,

James, Paul, and Sarah

A garden of children blooming at Nagaland Residential School

Distribution of RHS Pencils at Saklia Village School by Mzee James

H4C Consert Musicians, Tony Levin & Bob Haligan, with Paul & Sarah