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Regina Grace
Jan 18, 2011
By: pgrimsland

Regina Grace

Regina Grace is a second year high school student who is being sponsored by one of Hope For Change’s generous sponsors. 4 years ago Regina, along with her younger sibling, was abandoned by her mother and left in the care of her aunt who lives in the permanent housing area in Tondo, Manila. This is the community of people who were relocated out of the garbage dump. Thankfully, last year we were able to place her in the sponsorship program. I went to visit Regina and deliver a gift from her sponsor and spend time getting to know her. She is very quiet and reserved, but her faced lit up when I gave her the gift. When asked what her goal is her first response was not to say because in her words it is “unattainable”. But she eventually said her goal was to become a lawyer. It struck me that her first response to her dream was that it was unattainable. Thinking about her situation, I could understand why she would think that way. She has been rejected by both parents in her life and lives in an environment surrounded by hopelessness. I told her that we would be there to help her in pursuing her dream by providing for her educational needs and encouraging her to make the right choices. This is why I do what I do and why Hope For Change International exists. We can make a real difference in this world, one life at a time. Won’t you join us in helping the Reginas of this world? As the doctor in our intro video says, “…it gives them hope, and when you have hope, all things are possible”.