Hope for Change International


Breaking Through The Wall
Jan 26, 2011
By: pgrimsland

Today I was listening to the update from the team of workers who are trying to help those infected with TB who live on the dump site.  They currently have 14 people receiving the much needed medication, but many more are in need.  They shared the story of visiting a young mother who is infected with TB.  They told her they would provide for her the medication, but her response was “no”.  They pressed her for an answer, but she didn’t have one, she just said “no”.  It’s so hard to understand why someone would refuse help, especially when it will cost her her life, and maybe the life of her young child.  This is what can really frustrate those of us who are out here trying to help people.  Whether it’s ignorance, pride or hopelessness sometimes there seems to be a wall that cannot be penetrated.  The reality is you can’t help everyone, but you can help someone.  I have such respect for the folks here who are risking their own health going to the dump site day in and day out.  I know that their presence here and the love and compassion they show to the people here will be one thing that will be able to penetrate and make a difference.

The picture above is of a boy walking through the rain to the feeding program to get his meal.  It’s interesting to watch the children.  Some of them will race home to share their meal with the family and others won’t leave until it’s all gone because they know they’ll have to share it.

Whether it’s the young mother who needs her medication or it’s one of the children holding on to his plate of food, I know that in this sea of poverty there are individuals with individual needs.  Please join us as we reach out to these “individuals”  and bring them the help they need.  You can provide the TB medication to save a life for $100 per patient.  Please visit www.h4cinternational.org

Thank you for reading and for your support!!