Hope for Change International


Against All Odds
Mar 11, 2012
By: pgrimsland

Once again I found myself walking through the garbage dump community known as “Smokey Mountain”.  This is a newer version of the one I first visited 22 years ago.  I’ve gotten used to the sites and smells after so many years of visiting here, but one thing that never ceases to amaze me is how some of these people can overcome in their circumstances.

I met Myline, a young girl who will be in her 3rd year of high school. I joined a small group of high schoolers who were having a discussion with the local staff.  They went around the room asking questions and talked about whatever came up.  When it came to Myline’s turn, she asked a very profound question…..”why does God allow suffering in this world?”  She also shared how hard it was for her in her home.  She’s treated badly, not to mention the conditions they live in.

She asked the question and looked at me for an answer……wow….how could I possibly answer this question? I mean, I’ll be flying home to my nice comfortable home to be with my loving family with plenty of food to eat. She will be here living in a garbage dump just trying to get through each day.

I was honest with her and told her that her question is one that has been asked for thousands of years and I didn’t feel qualified to answer it, but I did say that there are people in this world who do care about the fact that there is suffering and are determined to help make a change. I tried encouraged her and tell her that there are people in her life that love her and want to help her, and more importantly,  I believe there is a God who loves her and cares for her.

Myline is one of those amazing people that have inspired me here for more than 20 years.  Despite her horrible living conditions, her mistreatment at home and her daily struggle to survive, she is excelling in her schooling.  She will finish this year at the top of her class!  It’s amazing….if only you could see where she lives and her surroundings.

I found out that she was one of the students without a sponsor, but I’m happy to report that a few hours later, someone responded and has decided to sponsor her education.  We take so many things for granted each day, things that are life changing for the poor.  Thank you all for your support and taking time to care!

Myline is the girl in the front with the pink shirt making the heart sign.