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Do You Believe In Miracles?
Mar 24, 2013
By: pgrimsland

Well this is my first day in Manila and it’s already been quite an adventure.  I arrived last night around 9:45PM.  The flight was on time, the service was good (I recommend Korean Air!)….no problems.

After breezing through immigration and getting my bags I took my iphone out to text my dear friend Paul Ariaga who was waiting for me.  As it turned out the text didn’t go through and he was there waiting for me.  We got into one of the metered yellow cabs (highly recommended) and off we went…..

Well, instead of putting the phone back in my bag, in the perfectly designed pocket that has a velcro cover, I put it in my pocket.

When I got to my room and began unpacking, a sudden wave of panic came over me when I realized my phone was no where in site.  I searched everywhere, even went outside and looked all over, only to realize that it had slipped out of my pocket and was in the back seat of the cab, probably on Roxas Blvd by now.

I was beginning to really stress….I thought of all those contacts, emails that were now going to be in the hands of who knows who….in Manila of all places.  I jumped on my computer in hopes of finding someone online to help me track the phone.  My friend Derek was on and he tried the “Find My Iphone” app, but of course it just reported it offline……uuuugggghhh!

Well, after a bit of time beating myself up, I fell asleep.  This morning we figured we would give it a shot and call to try and track it down.  The interesting thing was, our cab driver was one of only 3 female drivers in Manila, so we knew we could track her down.  We told them all the information and they said they would do their best….

Amazingly, about 3 hours later they called…..”We have your phone”…….unbelievable!!  A miracle? Well, I think so……you decide!


So, it’s just been day one and already it’s been quite exciting.  I’m looking forward to the next 4 weeks.  I will do my best to keep my human error from causing more stress!

Thank you for reading.  Please continue to follow and thank you all for your support.

Paul Grimsland